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Cosmetic Acquisitions is a social media marketing agency that is exclusively focused on the medspa and cosmetic surgery industry. We specialize in using social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and SnapChat for new business acquisition and to continuously engage with all your prospective and existing customers and patients.

95% of consumers say they expect you to engage on social media ..But how often? And what do you say ?

Consumers today demand authentic, trustworthy information as a means of social proof and instant communication and they rely more and more heavily on social media as the fastest way to achieve that.

What your patients say about you on social media becomes the fuel for awareness, consideration, and trust with potential patients.get in touch with us us to find out what social media can and cannot do to build your brand and attract patients.

The Cosmetic Acquisitions team bring a unique approach to using social media marketing exclusively for the medical spa and cosmetic surgery industry while operating faster and more efficiently than our competitors. We accomplish this by utilizing the latest in technology and by continually training and ensuring our focus is always return on investment.

Work with Facebook Experts
We specialize in Facebook advertising which means we’re the best at what we do. This translates into better return on investment for your company.
Save Your Time
We understand that running digital advertising campaigns can keep you busy. Save time by letting our Facebook agency do the heavy lifting for you.
Increase your Profit
Our agency pricing is simple and allows our experts to work for you at a fraction of what a full-time employee would cost to manage your Facebook ads.
Enjoy Hassle-Free Contracts
We want to earn your business every month and require no long term contracts. If you are unhappy at any time, you are free to leave.

Great things are accomplished by teams. Our team is continually pushing to be an innovative leader with social media advertising.


We use a combination of proprietary and popular ad technologies to ensure your campaigns exceed your goals.


We move quickly to ensure our clients can take advantage of the latest ad features and opportunities to reach their customers first.

Find New Customers.

Whether you are focusing on lead generation or increasing website visitors, Facebook now has over 100 different targeting options such as demographic information, user interests, custom audiences and retargeting.

Think about the people you’d like to reach. Where do they live? What is their age? What do they like? Targeting your ads towards these factors allows you to spend less money on advertising while reaching new customers.

Strengthen Relationships.

Use Facebook to build relationships with your customers anytime and from any location. You can let people know about upcoming events, new treatments and services and more. You can even use Facebook Custom Audiences to deliver ads only to your current customers in order to show them a little bit of extra love.

Tell Your Story.

Your story is what makes your product or service unique. Facebook now offers a variety of ad units such as banners, videos, offers, app installs and sponsored posts to help share your story.

We can help you with creating quality content to engage new and existing customers. This includes creating a two way conversations and giving customers a reason to come back.


We are the leading Facebook advertising agency specializing in Facebook ads management for the medical spa industry to generate more leads, customers, website visitors and sales.


If your medical spa is looking to create engaging experiences for the mobile generation, then you need to be advertising on Snapchat.


How would you like your medical spa to reach over 600 million targeted users on the world’s most popular visual social network ?.. then you need to be advertising on instagram.